TCP / IP Protocol and Network Programming Technology

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Name:TCP / IP Protocol and Network Programming Technology
Teacher:Zhang, Yuqing

Prerequisites:Computer Networks; C++ Program Designing

Aims & Requirements: This course focuses on the integration of practical program implementation and fundamental designing principles. The aspects of knowledge in this course are composed of architecture of TCP/IP protocol, regular protocols in application-layer, implementation of TCP/IP protocol, Internet program architecture based on TCP/IP, principles of socket programming, and TCP and UDP socket programming. After this course, learners are supposed to be familiar of TCP/IP protocol and capable of designing and implementing Internet communicating software.

Primary Coverage:(Contents at a Glance)
Part 1: TCP/IP protocol family
Chapter 1: Internet Overview History of Internet; Internet Governance; Internet protocols and Standards; the State of Art and Future in Internet
Chapter 2: Architecture of TCP/IP Protocol Family TCP/IP Hierarchy; Comparison between TCP/IP Hierarchy and OSI seven-layer Architecture
Chapter 3: Dominant Protocols in TCP/IP Protocol Family IP, ARP and RARP Protocol; ICMP Protocol; Routing Protocol; UDP Protocol; TCP Protocol.
Chapter 4: Common protocols in application-layer Telnet; SMTP protocol; HTTP protocol ; FTP protocol
Chapter 5: The Implementation of TCP/IP Protocol in Regular Operating Systems Windows TCP/IP implementation; UNIX/Linux TCP/IP implementation
Part 2: TCP/IP Internet Programming
Chapter 6: Standard TCP/IP Programming Interface—Socket Socket Overview; Address and its operation function; Port; Byte Order Issue; Three types of socket and two I/O modes; basic socket functions; a simple client program sample
Chapter 7: Client-server Model Basic model; Winsock I/O model
Chapter 8: socket options socket options; broadcasting; Multicast; plain socket programming
Chapter 9: UDP Server programming Multi-threads programming, Iterative server, Concurrent server
Chapter 10: TCP Server Programming Multi-threads programming, iterative server, Analysis of and comparison on regular server architectures
Chapter 11: Internet programing Sample Instructions on MyWeb server, analysis of the source code, conclusion.