Network Security

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Name:Network Security
Teacher:Zhang, Yuqing

Prerequisites:Computer Networks; Advanced language Program Designing; Network attacks and defence

Aims & Requirements: This course is an advanced program for students majored in information security, computer, information and communication engineering. With familiarity with concepts and methods on network attacks and defence technologies, students are supposed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of frontier research on network security through independent discussion on topics about security events happened recent year and the advanced study.

Primary Coverage:(Contents at a Glance)
Chapter 1: discussion on network security technology
Chapter 2: discussion on network attack and defence experiments Presentation, playing, discussion on network attack and defence experiments
Chapter 3: discussion on typical network security events Select classical past and recent network security events to discuss about.
Chapter 4 Frontier progress on network security Read up-to-date documents on network security and conduct a discussion.
Chapter 5 trend on network attack and defence
Chapter 6 other frontier issue on network security