Computational Cyberpsychology

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Name:Computational Cyberpsychology
Teacher:Zhu, Tingshao
Internet has changed the life of human being in an amazing speed. It also plays more and more crucial role in our daily life as an information platform. Virtual society on the web and the real world influence each other. In order to build a harmonious virtual society, it is necessary to learn more about web society and try to conduct and manage it more effectively. Through analysis of web behavior, we could predict users' mind statuses and personalities or get users' intentions. And further these regularities may help us to learn subjects' all-around rules of activities. The course covers advanced algorithms for building computational models for cyberpsychology based on web behavior. Topics include data mining, personality, mental health, and social attitude, etc.
1. Introduction to CyberPsychology and Data Mining
2. Personality and Mental Health of individual on the Web
3. Learning Models for Personality, mental health and social attitude
4. Applications of computational cyberpsychology.

• Web Data Mining - Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents and Usage Data, By Bing Liu, Springer, ISBN 3-540-37881-2, Dec 2006. (It is available in UIC bookstore)

• The Psycology of the Internet