Source Coding

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Name:Source Coding
Teacher:Qing, Laiyun
This course explores the theory and practice of data compression. The main goal of this course is to introduce you to the ideas and techniques of data compression, and the related coding standards on text, image, audio and video.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Compression, Entropy
Chapter 2: Huffman Coding and Golomb Codes
Chapter 3: Arithmetic Coding
Chapter 4: Dictionary Coding (LZ77 and LZW)
Chapter 5: Vector Quantization
Chapter 6: Predictive Coding
Chapter 7: Transform Coding and Lossy Image Compression (JPEG)
Chapter 8: Wavelet Transform Coding (SPIHT, EBCOT, JPEG2000)
Chapter 9: Audio Compression (MP3, MPEG-4 Audio Coding)
Chapter 10: Video Compression (MPEG-2/4, H.264, AVS)

[1] Khalid Sayood,Introduction to Data Compression, 3rd Edition, Morgan Kaufmann,2006.

[2] Some recent papers distribute on class.