The "blog world" recruitment

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"Blog world", China's first Internet information integration category news magazine. Founded in October 2008, is currently on the market's best-selling news magazine. Career development needs of the "blog world" magazine is now seeking the following personnel:

1. Five news editors;
(1) Bachelor degree or above, news spread of Chinese professional priority;
(2) news experience, focusing on topics judgment in a field of current affairs, economic, social, cultural, entertainment and other accumulated;
(3) The logic is clear, beautifully written;
(4) 35 years of age;
(5) be proficient in a foreign language is preferred;
(6) love the news, as career development.
(1) assume the forum is responsible for editing;
(2) completion of other tasks assigned by the editorial department.
2. reviews editor 1-2
(1) Bachelor degree or above, news spread of Chinese professional priority;
(2) news commentary editing experience, adhering to certain ideas and values;
(3) have the resources to the critics;
(4) 35 years of age;
(5) love the news, as career development.
(1) bear responsible for the comment on the forum editing;
(2) the accumulation of resources to the critics;
(3) completion of other tasks assigned by the editorial department.
3. Art Editor 2
(1) Fine Art, Graphic Design, and related undergraduate degree or above;
(2) be familiar with the process of the art editor, and Photoshop, illustarator in InDesign and other graphic design software;
(3) The skilled use of the Apple;
(4) understanding of prepress and printing processes;
(5) news magazine art editor for two years experience preferred;
(6) have a solid knowledge of art, of outstanding aesthetic capacity (including color, layout), the rich imagination and visual creativity, learning ability;
(7) with the right attitude, with a high degree of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit.
(1) to take the art of magazine layout design, to participate in the the manuscripts school times error correction;
(2) an accurate understanding of the magazine location and style, and innovation on this basis;
(3) to keep abreast of the master, using the latest design software to improve the efficiency and design standards;
(4) with the other departments of the company to complete the design requirements of the company required for promotion.
4. illustrator
(1) art, drawing, graphic design professional, college and higher education;
(2), there are magazines illustrations for more than two years to design, painting, work experience;
(3) agile creative thinking and a solid knowledge of art, color-sensitive;
(4) proficient in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Painter, and other commonly used software, and skilled use of Apple Computer;
(5) has a wealth of imagination and creative ability, able to adapt to the requirements of a variety of painting styles;
(6) with good communication skills and team spirit. Understand the magazine's overall visual style on the basis of communication with a text editor and art editor with the magazine article content creation of illustrations and charts, skilled use of hand-painted plate drawing.
(7) has a good ability to learn, to keep abreast of the grasp of domestic and international publications, illustration trends and styles to form their own magazine illustration style.
(8) with the right attitude, with a high degree of responsibility
Job functions:
(1) commitment to the magazine pages of illustrations and graphic design;
(2) In case of need for the creation of the magazine cover illustrations.
5. internship Editor
  (1) above the junior and master's graduate students, continuous practice of three months or more;
  (2) dissemination of news, the Chinese professional priority;
  (3) proficiency in a foreign language;
  (4). Confident the living land living likeness. For news; warm, cheerful, creative ability;
6. Senior Account Manager
Work Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou (three urban and one each)
Job Description:
1, is responsible for the liberal arts world media to invest in the "blog world" magazine advertisers to develop and maintain;
2, have independently developed clients ability to maintain good customer relations, to fully understand the feedback of customer needs and information;
3, according to the company's overall planning to develop their own marketing plan, to quantify the sales target;
4, according to media characteristics, can planning-related programs to enhance the possibility of cooperation with customers;
5, concerns the development of the industry dynamics, responsible for customers to keep abreast of running in a competitive media.
1. Bachelor degree or above, marketing, English professional and student work experience priority;
2, 1 years experience in media advertising sales, 4A or similar media advertising sales experience is preferred, customer resources;
3, with excellent telephone communication skills, presentation skills and sales skills;
4, outgoing, active and good at communicating with people, communication, courage to take responsibility, with good teamwork and professionalism;
5, Be rational, strong planning, effective management of personal time.