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Beijing region: (resume receiving mail: campus-bj@ucweb.com)

R & D class
WEB / Linux Software Engineer (PHP in Java, C #, Python, C and C + +)
Good C language skills, familiar with the PHP / Java / C # / the Python / C, / C, + + in which one kind of programming language; familiar with the Linux, the HTTP protocol, WML, / an HTML page technical master MySQL database application development, database configuration management, performance optimization.
Company official website: www.uc.cn
UC salary benefits:
The five-day work 7.5 hours a day;
Social insurance, housing provident funds;
5-12 days of annual leave, paid sick leave days / month, the various statutory paid holiday;
Quarterly and annual performance appraisal bonus;
Provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea;
The company will provide all eligible students solve the accounts and files;
Wedding gifts, maternity gifts, annual physical examination, annual tourism;
Sector activities, special funds, staff and club activities. ......
The company will provide the industry with competitive and comprehensive salary structure and benefits system!
UC corporate culture:
In this growing collective of UC, gathered a group of full of dreams like-minded young people. Passion, hard work is our character, simple, happy is our nature. We continue to grow along with business growth, we enjoy our work and enjoy life, and we look forward to a dream come true success of the moment, but also the genuineness share this exciting, ordinary, but great process.
This collective called the "University of fifth grade, we call their own culture as the" Big Five "culture, because we hope to continue the college that simple, simple relationship between students and the class atmosphere, because we believe that this kind of atmosphere with the staff to a happy mood and state of pleasure, we hope that everyone with UC course of the struggle of his life the best time.
UC browser worldwide cumulative download breaking the one billion new core products UC8 the appearance
UC browser to bring Jinshan, security steward year blocks malware 26,260,000
China will become one of the global mobile Internet center
The new king of the mobile Internet will be achievements over the next decade the IT industry