New post Road, career guidance series of activities - into the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2 - dialogue Subject: looking for work, how to play "cross-border"?

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The words of the host: the interview is essentially a game game, the interviewer would like to get the real answer to take the communication situation. Spared fully prepared before the interview, talking about the answer to the interviewer's question, without fear, in order to achieve the "perplexed" state. Bump people network [new post Road, designed for students to be job opportunities and platforms of the combat drills, understanding in the practical operation of the business purpose of the interview and how to deal with different types of interview. Activities divided into three sessions:
First, then post said
    Professional isn't career? Learn what you need to do? An "outsider" and Coban competition? In the end is dry line love line or love line dry line? So much entangled in the end go from here?
Second, workplace pairs of a Kind
     Invited the six on-site students to participate without the interview of the leading group around a problem 15 minutes of free discussion, and then sum up in three minutes of the representatives of the Group to give guests as observers in the final group and individual reviews and recommendations.
Third, site train
    Face to face interviews, on-site to provide real jobs, each round of interviews was 10 minutes through the interview who can receive is recommended internship or trial. Students can participate in the interview to get feedback and comments of the guests the scene.
Time: at 6:30 p.m. on October 28th - 20:30
Venue: Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun South a Three Chinese Academy of Sciences, Graduate School of Zhongguancun Teaching Building N413
Form of activity: the staff, then post the workplace of a Kind-site train
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